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Hi, my name is Estevan. I'm a Brazilian full stack developer working as a freelancer and creating open source software.

I started coding for the web at the age of 13, with Microsoft Frontpage. In 6+ years of technical career (after changing from International Business) I have worked in a wide range of domains such as unique website experiences at agencies, e-learning platforms, and design. It all sums up helping me talk with everybody inside a project, from design to backend.

In my spare time, I love teaching (14k YouTube subs, 2 books written and blogging) and contributing to open source.

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I'm highly motivated, good humoured, independent and a team-player. I also love sharing my knowledge and try my best to document my experiences and help others.

I'm good at

Open Source

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You can read in detail how I applied each of these technologies in Unna Tech case study, where I built a courses platform:

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