Generate a sitemap for a static site using Next.js

In my blog I'm using the package nextjs-sitemap-generator:

npm i -D nextjs-sitemap-generator

Its documentation is a little bit confusing, but a very basic sitemap can be generated this way. Create a script somewhere in your application, in my case it is inside utils/sitemap.js (hence the .. for the pagesDirectory).

const sitemap = require('nextjs-sitemap-generator')
const chalk = require('chalk')

const targetDirectory = 'public'

  baseUrl: '',
  pagesDirectory: __dirname + '\\..\\pages',
  ignoreIndexFiles: true,
  targetDirectory: targetDirectory,
  pagesConfig: {
    '/blog': {
      priority: '1',
      changefreq: 'daily',

console.log(`Sitemap generated and available at /${targetDirectory}`))

In my case I wanted wanted a specific priority and changefreq from the /blog route, so I added it under pagesConfig. Note: chalk is used here only to add colors to the terminal messages and is completely optional (as is the console.log).

To run generate the sitemap, I added a script under scripts inside package.json called prebuild, that is called before build:

"prebuild": "node utils/sitemap.js",

It will generate the sitemap inside public folder (but you can change it).