How to add Google Analytics to Next.js

First step is to create a _document.js inside pages folder. Next.js docs recommend this setup, and based on it, we'll just add Google Analytics scripts.

import Document, { Html, Head, Main, NextScript } from 'next/document'

class MyDocument extends Document {
  static async getInitialProps(ctx) {
    const initialProps = await Document.getInitialProps(ctx)
    return { ...initialProps }

  render() {
    return (
      <Html lang="en">
          <script async src=""></script>
              __html: `
            window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []
            function gtag() {dataLayer.push(arguments)}
            gtag('js', new Date())
            gtag('config', 'UA-XXXXXXXX-1')
          <Main />
          <NextScript />

export default MyDocument

First of all, change UA-XXXXXXXX-1 for you tracking code. This is the standard tracking code, copied straight from the Analytics panel, the only difference is taht we need to put all scripts inside dangerouslySetInnerHTML so they are correctly fetched only on client.

Note that I also added the lang attribute to Html as it helps with SEO: <Html lang="en">