How to render a different element inside a React component

There are moments that you just want to share the same component style between different elements. Take a button for example, you may want to render one as an anchor at some point.

To do this, you can add a prop, in this case I'll use tag, that will be used to define the rendered element. Notice that with || (OR), we can define a fallback, in case a tag isn't present.

import React from 'react'

function Button({ children, tag, ...other }) {
  const Component = tag || 'button'

  return (
    <Component className="flex items-center ..." {...other}>

export default Button

The best part of this code is that you don't need to make any other change between a real button and an anchor. You could still pass an href and it would be present in the final element thanks to the destructuring of other.

<Button tag="a" href="#">
  This is a link!